Four Key Questions About Point of Care in 2019

Published on PM360 2/20/2019..."PM360 asked experts within point of care how the space is evolving and what might change in 2019 and beyond, including:

Purple_Carrot_v2What has been the result of increased transparency and audited reporting after the controversy over inflated numbers in previous years? How are companies ensuring they get what they pay for?

Purple_Carrot_v2What are the best ways to measure the success of POC marketing campaigns? What metrics are the most important to look at?

Purple_Carrot_v2What new technologies, methods, or strategies should marketers pay the closest attention to in 2019 in terms of POC marketing?

Purple_Carrot_v2What are some of the biggest pain points marketers face in the POC space? How can they overcome them in 2019?"


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